So, What’s For Lunch Today?















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  1. Lew in Bama says

    Who takes food to the bathroom? GROSS!!!

    • I do, but it has already been processed.

      • Taking food into the crapper is bad enough but to puts burger on the floor is gut wrenching

        • Lew in Bama says

          I get skeeved out when I see people bring their coffee cups/water bottles etc into the work bathroom. There’s all KINDS of nasty molecules hovering about in the air, and you’re going to bring in something you plan to put to your mouth and consume a beverage out of? Unsanitary!!!

  2. Another brilliant Jeff Kay photo essay. Life magazine worthy.

  3. full body shivver, ahoy!

  4. Kool Aid “red rum” – freaking awesome!

  5. Yeah, I’m skipping lunch today after that first one……but Wonder Woman with the fish made my day. You have some serious “fucked-upness” going on here. Thank you.

  6. Steve in WV says

    The doughnut dude is awesome.

  7. That probably saves time – eating and shitting at the same time.

    I’ve never seen that before.

    • I was using a urinal in a restroom and the guy in the adjacent cubicle was eating a packet of chips while taking a dump. I was a little surprised, this wasn’t a reststop in Florida, it was a corporate office building.

  8. johnthebasket says

    Hitler got the Italians and the Allies got Wonder Woman: A two-way win for America. However, I’m concerned about the amount of meat that woman is packing. During the war, there was comprehensive food rationing, especially for meat. The lady is using three hams, two full links of sausage or brat, a medium salmon, and a round of cheese TO CONSTRUCT A DUMMY. This would constitute about three months’ rations for a family of four. This doesn’t include whatever she has stuffed down her wonderpants, which seem to be bulging at the crotch.

    I don’t know what she had to do to obtain that much food, but they DO call her Wonder Woman. Still, it beats having the Italians on our side.


  9. For being a lady, Wonder Woman doesn’t seem to know much about the female figure. There’s way too much sausage on that thing.

  10. I swear the one that grossed me out the most was the raw hot dog with toothpaste on it! *GAG*

  11. Did Jeff eat that bathroom floor burger?

    • I thought the same thing.


      I have a feeling a lot of frantic hand through hair whipping may be involved.

  12. Is there anybody out there?

  13. Jeff where are you?

  14. back to not posting again. no Friday updates, regular ones getting sporadic!

  15. Swami Bologna says

    He musta croaked. All that fast food’ll do that to ya.

  16. Damn those box scores!

  17. Mike the ripper says

    Did the sight move again and I missed it?

  18. Jazzbone Swirly says