Have You Ever Known Anyone Named Lisa? Join The Lisa Discussion!

wednesday pinkHello, my friends. Today I’m going to try something old here. Old, as in… we used to do it occasionally at the Surf Report. But I always enjoyed the results, and even considered creating a standalone site around the idea. In fact, I still wonder if I should’ve gone that route.

In any case, every Wednesday I’m going to hit you guys up with a common or semi-common name, and ask you to tell us about the people you’ve known with that name. Good folks, bad folks, and everything in between…

We’ll call it the Wednesday Name Game. Hell, I’ve already got the graphics to go along with it: one pink and one blue. Clever, huh? Oh, I’m nothing if not clever.

Today we’ll start with Lisa — which was undoubtedly the most popular girl name of my ancient era. My parents tell me it was going to be my name, if I’d been born wiener-free. I’m not sure they put it exactly that way, but it’s basically what they said.

I went to school for all 12 years with a couple of Lisas (possibly even kindergarten), and both were nice. I have nothing negative to report about either of them.

One had red hair, which was cool. It’s cool on girls… And in 6th grade I played Spin the Bottle at the other Lisa’s house, and got to kiss every popular girl in my class. THAT was pretty great. For me anyway. They might still occasionally experience night terrors because of the evening. But I enjoyed it.

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever known any Lisas? Please tell us about them in the comments. Let’s get this Lisa party started!

And I thank you for your participation.

Don’t know any Lisas? How about a Mike? Or a Jimmy?


  1. Brenda Love says

    My ex-husband married a girl named Lisa after we divorced. I’ve got nothing bad to say about her….I’m just pissed with her because it took me 7 years to get rid of him, and it only took her 7 months! I begrudgingly admit she MUST be smarter than I am!

  2. ahhh Lisa, a course of antibiotics rectified the situation she put me in. I think I mentioned her in a previous comment.

  3. Father Bob says

    I knew a young girl named Lisa once… or twice..

  4. The Lisa I have in mind was a total whore. Rumors of gangbangs in a small Texas town, and things of that nature. And I still love her……

  5. Lucie in Tampa says

    Lisa…… I have known many… Lisa B. is a skank who used to send my ex X-rated pictures… I hated her. I broke up with him on my last Birthday because of it. Happy Birthday to me seeing Lisa B’s vajay jay
    Lisa L… friend of mine from High School she was cool, she now lives in Australia with her Aboriginy husband & is still having late in life babies.
    most of the other Lisa’s I have know are bitches……

  6. Knucklehead says

    I had a cousin named Lisa who passed away last year at the age of 52 of liver cancer. Out of all the cousins (11 of us) she was the ONLY one who wasn’t a total reprobate. She barely even drank. Such a drag.
    The other Lisa I know is (was – we’re both old now) the total opposite. We got HAMMERED one night in SF and, while at the bar, we decided it would be a great idea to go to Vegas, so we took a cab to the airport. Thankfully, the last plane of the evening had just left (they probably wouldn’t have let us fly anyway) so we took another cab to a friend’s house that lived 50 miles away. Called and left our boss a message at 3 in the morning telling him we wouldn’t be in the next day (best boss I ever had) and ended up doing the walk of shame on the train home in the morning. Good times.

  7. Jazzbone Swirly says

    Lisa says on a night like this, It’d be so nice if you gave me a kiss.

    • Swami Bologna says

      And Lisa says, honey, for just one little smile, I’ll sing and play for you for the longest while.

  8. I took a Lisa to homecoming my junior year in high school. She was smoking hot and a really nice, fun, funny girl. We were in the same group of friends and we went as friends on a date… might have been a kiss but I don’t really remember.

    Anyway, Lisa and I just reconnected on Facebook this past year and she’s married, still very attractive, but evidently a TOTAL NERD. She goes to comicon, start trek conventions, poses in pictures with that weird trekkie salute thing… but still gorgeous.

  9. madz1962 says

    My cousin’s name is Lisa. Well, technical Alisa but nobody ever called her that. A complete and total loveable nut and one of my best friends ever. She’s the type you can call up and say “F you, I’m 10 minutes from your house and I’m stopping by and staying for a week” and she’d just make room and keep rolling. She’d actually get excited.

    I knew another Lisa that lived around the corner form me. She was cool – but her brothers were friggin’ bullies. Especially the older one.

    I work with the occasional Lisa but nobody who stands out as someone I’d remember or need to talk about.

  10. I have a friend named Lisa who doesn’t like being tagged in photos on Facebook, so I should probably cease further online mention of her.

  11. aileen in jackson ms says

    I’ve known several Lisas, one of whom is my closest friend in VA.

    Interesting side note, I named every single girl doll I had as a kid Lisa, including my Little People and Weeble Wobbles. I don’t know why.

  12. SaucyDeb says

    Right now, I have 7 Lisas on my Facebook friends. I just checked. Most of them I went to high school with.

    I had a great Lisa friend who was this gorgeous, super popular cheerleader. Turns out, she never married.. or finished college.. or really did much of anything with her life. She’s still sweet, but pretty much the exact opposite of what I’d ever expect. Oh, and she didn’t age well, which kinda makes me feel good about myself because I’m a shallow, shallow person.

  13. Lisa of my youth – bitch.

    Lisa of my adulthood (different person) – a gem.

    Just the two, and as different as night and day. Of course the first Lisa might be OK today, but as a kid she kind of sucked.

  14. Phil Jett says

    I had a co-worker named Lisa who was a great all around gal and one of the hardest working and knowledgeable people we ever had in the office. We worked together for about five years until she moved on to greener pastures in the Houston area.

    We were buddies outside of work and went out a few times together as friends. We both would bounce ideas off each other and now that she is gone I don’t have another I’m that close enough with to get a woman’s point of view.

    On top of all that she also has a rockin’ body, attractive as all hell and has a great sense of humor to go along with her great personality.

  15. I have a SiL named Lisa, good person, probably deserved better than my brother.

    Lots of other Lisa’s, none that really stand out.

  16. I feel like I’ve known so many Lisas that they’ve blended together in my mind. No one stands out in particular. For me it’s like trying to think of all the Bobs out there.

    When I hear Lisa now, I think of two things; the failed computer launched by Apple was called a Lisa (it was their Edsel), and Paulie Shores old bit about how theres always a girl at a concernt named Lisa who’s an easy mark.

  17. Northerner on Holiday says

    I grew up (in the 70’s) a few doors down from a girl about 12 years my senior named Lisa Batista. A rhyming name.
    She now is a cashier at a Costco in NJ.

  18. madz1962 says

    Since we’re doing the Name Game (brilliant idea, by the way) have you ever known a real bitch named Lisa (since we’re using that name) and then every other Lisa you meet you feel will be equally bitchy? And if you, or a friend, were having a baby you would never EVER consider “Lisa” as a name?


  19. Phantom Railfan says

    I’ve known a number of Lisas. The only memorable ones were a neighbor Lisa who physically abused her husband and ultimately went to jail for it, and a co-worker Lisa who got shot in a bowling alley. Oh, and there was another co-worker Lisa (different job) who was a major pothead, who inexplicably got promoted into a managerial position and completely fucked up her department.

  20. I’ve known many Lisas, too, only two of whom have made any sort of lasting impression.
    Let’s see…junior high/high school. A Lisa lived two doors down from us. Cheerleader who drank and also smoked like a chimney. She was nice, but not nearly as pretty as she thought she was. I used to hold her cigarette for her at the bus stop when she’d see her cheer coach driving by.
    Lisa whom I worked with recently… Wanna-be whore. She was short, “stocky”, big tits. The big tits probably attracted some guys, but not nearly as many as she would have liked. She was married, oh yes she was, but she was CONSTANTLY trying to find someone to have an affair with. This included the now-Mr. Q, who was not Mr. Q at the time. We were, however, lunch buddies and he would tell me about her attempts. Funny times!

  21. Patty in Cleveland says

    I went to junior high with two girls named Lisa and am still friends with them today. We all went to High School where we were joined by two more girls named Lisa. So four girls named Lisa in a school with 400 students. I worked with a designer named Lisa and she was a bitch.

  22. johnthebasket says

    I knew a girl named Lisa who joined the Navy. Her language was a little salty.


  23. I knew a Lisa through elementary school and high school. Short and stocky, kinda bitchy.
    I know a Lisa at work, who is way too bubbly and happy (not that that is bad, she’ll always get a smile on your face). She’s also short and stocky.
    My dentist had an assistant named Lisa for a long time. Unlike every other Lisa I encountered, she was not stocky nor short.

  24. shinywilly says

    My Lisa was 19, smart, a little nerdy, a GREAT rack & an insatiable love of sex. Man I wish I was 17 again. Hadn’t thought of “Wisconsin” Lisa for years……excuse me but I have to grab some lotion, Kleenex & head to the office restroom for some fond reminiscing.

  25. I knew a lisa that sold MRIs and MRI accessories. We met at an improv show in atlanta.

  26. I’m not Lisa, my name is Julie
    Lisa left you years ago.

  27. The only Lisa that comes into my mind easily is Lisa Loopner of SNL fame and love interest of the infamous Todd DiLaMuca. Now, that was a match made in heaven if ever there was one. Gilda Radner rocked the house. Too bad she died so young.


    • I loved that Lisa! The world lost a such a bright comedic star when we lost Gilda Radner. Thank you for sharing her memory with us! Now I’m going to sit down with a bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s buttery best and get my “Gilda” on!

  28. One of my bosses is named Lisa. She’s one of those Army women who has been “the first woman to command” such and such a unit. It sounds neat in a bio, but it isn’t that big a deal in the big picture. Whenever my wife talks about her she always refers to her as “Lisa”. So she, my wife, will be talking about this “Lisa” person like I’m supposed to know what the fuck is going on. It usually takes a little while before I realize that she is talking about my boss, Colonel X.

    The only other Lisa I’ve ever known was my third grade teacher. There has been a distinct lack of Lisa’s in my life. There have been a shit ton of Ashley’s though.

  29. My daughter’s best friend is Lisa. she’s a good person from a great family, who made a bad choice with her first husband, was alone a long time in between and is now married to a wonderful guy. She and my daughter are sisters from another mother.

  30. Jeannette says

    I’ve always put Lisa into the same category as Tammy. I expect Lisa will have badly bleached, stringy hair, too much black eyeliner and a pack of Newports in her pocket.

    That said, I’ve known more nice, sweet, non-trashy Lisa’s. My cousin is actually named Lisa and she’s great. Pretty much, I’m just a pre-judging bitch when it comes to certain names.

  31. Me and my friend one made a check on the computer. We named her lisa.

  32. I knew two Lisas in high school. Lisa C. was short and sweet, with huge… tracts of land. I didn’t know Lisa F. well enough to have an opinion.

  33. Every Lisa I have ever known has been a little loopy and a bit crazy.

  34. Skippy in WV says

    I have a cousin named Lisa that is blind in one eye. When you talk to her, its like having a conversation with an attractive, white, female version of Sammy Davis Jr. Also, her son is the first one on either side of my family to commit suicide. Good kid, wrong decision, I guess he couldn’t take living with Sammy more…

  35. SuperMatt says

    I married a girl (now a woman I guess) named Lisa – still batshit crazy but she puts up with me…

  36. My favorite aunt is named Lisa – she’s a gorgeous hippie living in Colorado who’s always played by her own set of rules. And I work with a lady named Lisa who’s nice for the most part, maybe a little bit unstable and shady due to midlife crisis issues. I try to get along with her for safety’s sake.

  37. I am Facebook friends with the friend of a friend named Lisa. I may have met her once or twice but I did not know her all that well when we became internet acquainted. Turns out, she is a Vet tech and works with animals all day. She loves most animals, even reptiles and insects (as do I), and she does not suffer fools gladly (nor do I), so I usually end up liking 98% of what she posts.

  38. My best friend and co-conspirator is Lisa. We’ve known each other forever. We share evil humor, the need for coffee and the love of beer. We have made the ‘if I die first, erase my hard drive and clean out The Drawer’ pact. I know a bunch of Lisas, but she’s the best Lisa.

  39. Ruthless Dee says

    When this was first posted I was definitely not going to respond because there is only one Lisa I can think of and I thought I just shouldn’t talk about her. However she has stayed in my mind and I suppose she deserves recognition. Lisa was a pal that I hung out with; hit the clubs and went to parties back in the day. She always knew the place to go but the party quest was frequently distracted by her main objection which was hooking up with athletes, specifically sport superstars. She was very successful in that regard and became especially well known in the NBA with some NFL notoriety in the off season. A very interesting time and a humorously dramatic ultimate demise to the friendship. The last time I saw her face was a few years later on Court TV when they aired boring routine courtroom action which was good to go to sleep by. There was Lisa, on a prostitution charge. I thought that was very sad and I hope her life became better.

  40. When I was a kid I found a gold heart locket in the street with the name Lisa engraved on it. I wore it every day until it finally broke several years later. I told anyone who I hadn’t met before that my name was Lisa. I imagined her to be super cool, hot and someone who was probably an A student yet still had time to play in an awesome rock band. Basically this Lisa was everything I wasn’t back then.

    Years later, I met a girl named Lisa in High School. She was morbidly obese and had a moustache.

  41. Dr, Buford says

    I knew a few Lisas up through high school (class of ’89), but right now none of them are at all memorable.

    The two I do know are amazing women.

    The first, Lisa S., was the girl every guy wanted to meet in college – smart, funny, loved to drink, spent a night in jail for stealing a Big Boy statue with a bunch of other students. Great grades, hot, and gave me one of the best pieces of girl advice I’ve ever received:
    Buy your girl flowers at random and never when they’re mad. Don’t make her associate flowers with you fucking up. And, if you want to get laid, yellow roses work wonders 🙂

    (I sent her yellow roses on her birthday for years)

    The other Lisa is a former co-worker from our last job (the good Dr. Pr0n Star wife and I worked together for our first 14 years) who is very different from us, but is all-around bad-ass. She’s a competitive softball player (mixed-league), awesome mom of three, an award-winning Plant Engineer/Chemical Engineer/professional get-shit-done-er, etc. etc. etc.

    She also treats her husband really well, never loses her shit, is a rabid Stillers/Pens fan, can eat TWO PRIMANTIS and drink a 20oz Yeungling before you get through your one sandwich and Fancy Liberal Beer yet weighs about 115 (after 3 kids) and has an ass like a stripper.

    There. I’ve said too much. Nice work, Jeff…

  42. Fran Goodey says

    My Lisa is the second of my four daughters. Her big sister Deidre was 3 and a half when Lisa was born and we wanted an easy-to-pronounce name for Deidre.

    Now, our Irish heritage is four generations back but Deidre (I blame her classic Irish name) had a little language quirk: she put a rolling R at the end of many words. Somehow this always sounded Irish – and ‘Lisa’ came out as ‘Lisarrrr’.

    Over the years we found that Lisa could not do that rolling R herself, a distinct handicap when it came to learning some languages!

  43. My best friend in high school and to this day was/is Lesa (hope spelling doesn’t matter!) Somehow we got hooked up with two Amish guys (yes, we live near Amish country) and the only way we got rid of Levi and Eli was playing “Eli’s Coming” really loud on the car stereo. Never saw them again! Hmmm

    She married a guy who is way older than us, had two sons, one of them died of cancer and now her husband has cancer and is in the “keep him comfortable stage”. She is a vet tech and Aunt Lesa to my dog and cat–the only person my dog will “kiss” and for years, the only person besides my husband and I that the cat would come out to see…

  44. bikerchick says

    I’ve known many Lisa’s, but the first one that comes to mind is from about 15-20 years ago.

    When first moved in with my ex, he had a “girl” friend that was always hanging around. No matter where we went, she was there. Out to dinner…..there was Lisa a few tables away. At a club or bar, Lisa would just “happen” to be at the same place. She called for him several times a day. She would even come to our house and just walk in like she lived there. He and I went a few rounds over her. He just kept saying, we’ve been friends for years”. His “guy” friends weren’t around that much!

    His work Christmas party rolled around…which happened to be private. Yep…here comes ol’Lisa walking through the door. Evedently, my boyfriend invited her. That was it for me. I followed her into the bathroom and told her to stay the fuck out of our lives. She said, “he’s my best friend and we always are together.” So I promptly jacked her up against the bathroom wall and told her to find a new best friend. And that was that.

    • Don’t fuck with me pumps

    • bikerchick says

      I was with that douchbag for 10 miserable years. I should have seen the writing on the wall and let her have is abusive ass.

      • Hindsight. Had a friend in Newport named Pittsburgh jason. He had a wife lisa and a mistress lisa. We called her snake lips because she had no upper lip so it seemed.

  45. My 44-year-old daughter is named Lisa. She looks just like Mariah Carey. People approach Lisa in restaurants and on the street in NYC, telling her she resembles her.

    Lisa is a coloratura soprano and quite the artist and a superb dancer.

    When she was five, she learned to ride her bike, rode it in the street a bit and back into the yard, through the shrubs and slammed into the house. I am quite sure I taught her how to brake, but she cried and was angry because I did not teach her how. She still blames me.

  46. baad flea says

    I can only think of one Lisa that I know, a former, really cool co-worker and trauma RN not scared of nothin’.

    I love this name game – a couple of years ago you did a bit on how all guys named Eric are jerks. I laughed my ass off because my oldest is named Eric and, you guessed it, he is a jerk!