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Pickles, Cynicism, Southward Oozing, and Crazy-Ass Stances

I went to Burger King with the younger boy on Saturday, and you can see the level of nasty-ass that was perched on my Whopper. I usually order everything without pickles,┬ábut got talked out of it this time. “You don’t want any shitty pickles, right?” I said to the boy, while making our way to […]

What’s The Most Money You’ve Ever Spent On A Single Article Of Clothing?

I was chatting with someone a few days ago, and he was telling me about his daughter, who lives and works in Manhattan. She has a new job, and with her first paycheck bought a bunch of expensive clothes. Including a thousand-dollar leather jacket, and (get this!) a single pair of jeans for $168. The […]