What’s The Most Money You’ve Ever Spent On A Single Article Of Clothing?

money2I was chatting with someone a few days ago, and he was telling me about his daughter, who lives and works in Manhattan. She has a new job, and with her first paycheck bought a bunch of expensive clothes. Including a thousand-dollar leather jacket, and (get this!) a single pair of jeans for $168.

The daughter works in a world where everybody is required to dress in fashionable clothing every day, and don’t really have a choice in the matter. She was self-conscious about the state of her wardrobe, and the moment she had money in her account… raced out and corrected the problem.

It’s a world I don’t know, and don’t want to know. I worked in the music industry for 20 years, where the dress code was “you should probably wear something.” Even when I was a semi-bigshot at Warner, I still wore jeans most days, and rarely tucked in my shirt. Hell, when your boss is in flip-flops and cargo shorts, there’s no real need to shop at Sak’s.

So, spending large amounts of money for clothes is foreign to me, completely foreign. However, the thousand dollar jacket didn’t surprise me all that much; that one didn’t even make me flinch. I’d never do such a thing, needless to say, but it’s not shocking. The $168 jeans, though… THOSE are shocking. Sweet sainted mother of Bobby Buntrock!

I told him I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a single article of clothing that cost that much money. I said it as a joke, but believe it’s an accurate statement. I bought a winter coat when we first moved here, that cost $150. I’m almost sure it’s the most cash I’ve ever forked over for a single clothing item.

Many years ago, during a different lifetime, we had an accountant/financial advisor. One time we were going over our household budget with him, and he asked how much I spend every year on clothes. I shrugged and said, “Two hundred bucks?” He laughed, and said, “No, seriously.” I felt social pressure to up the number, but the first one was probably pretty close to the truth.

For the record, I don’t like to spend more than $20 for jeans and shirts, and $50 for shoes. Is that pure insanity? I’ve been able to get by, and don’t believe I look too horrible. But what do I know about it? Fashion is one spot above owl trivia on my Big List of Interests.

But what about you? How much do you spend every year on clothes? And what’s the most expensive clothing item you’ve ever bought? Are you required to be all fancy-ass at work? Thankfully my ass does not have to be fancy, I can comfortably dress-down the ass at work, and it’s perfectly acceptable.

I’ll see you guys again soon.

Have a great day!

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  1. Some people live for that shit. I think I might be an alien, as I couldn’t care less. I work from home….right now I’m in a Star Wars t-shirt and jeans. I may have spent somewhere up to $200 for a suit back in my office days.

  2. I am cheap when it comes to clothing. I mainly shop at Kohls using a 30% off coupon. I know they mark prices up so I feel like I’m getting a deal. Still it’s pretty affordable.

    Most I’ve spent on one item of clothing is probably $150 on a purse. So, not even clothing.

  3. I’ve *maybe* spent as much as $150 for something like a coat or a pair of boots, but otherwise I’m a huge cheapskate. I buy my jeans at the VF Outlet and I wouldn’t be able to identify a designer brand if my life depended on it.

  4. I bought a pretty expensive warm-up suit when I was in college. I had bought it on my lunch and forgot and left it in one of my classes. When I came back to get it, some jagoffs had cut the arms off the jacket. I returned it and told the clerk that it came that way. She must have been dumber’n a pile of cinderblocks because she said “no problem” and gave me my money back.

  5. My establishment “suggests” Suits with tie optional. Been doing this for over 20 years and not spent more than 400 bucks on a suit. I used to work with guys that had their suits tailored! $3500.00 for suit to custom fit their fat asses. Always been conscious about the fact that I’m Off the Rack suit guy, but like you, I don’t think I look so bad. It’s got me this far. So fuck it. My thought was always, if I’m gonna spend that kinda money for anything, I better be able to drive the damn thing.

  6. Big Bear in OH says

    Spent a good chunk of change on some boots back in the day, maybe $200–but I still buy Wrangler Jeans (The expensive ones at the tractor supply place, maybe $30?)…and a Carhartt Jacket once every ten years or so. So in essence, no.

  7. I shop Target’s online sale rack, is how cheap I am with clothing purchases (and you can probably tell by looking at me!). I think that the leather pants I bought when I was young and skinny were probably the most expensive clothing purchase I ever made, and even then I got them on sale and with an employee discount.

    I buy cheap, at low volume, and wear my stuff until it’s worn out. Completely devoid of the ‘fashion’ gene.

  8. Oh, Jeez – just thinking about this makes me want to drink.
    I used to work with Architects in San Francisco. I have about a dozen pairs of shoes that cost over $400 each, a single sweater that cost me $350 and don’t even get me started on handbags. I live in the mountains and when I do go into the cities here, it’s all cobblestones so I can’t wear any of the shoes. I have nowhere to wear any of the clothes, either. I look at them languishing in my closet here and want to cry over the wasted money.
    I probably could have fed a small nation with what I’ve spent on clothes.

  9. $80 for a pair of dress pants. Perhaps I should explain.

    Several years ago I worked for a company that had a relatively formal dress code: shirt, tie, dress pants, & a sports jacket. Over the years it softened a bit, but I kept up the practice due to the fact I had already invested in the attire , and I kinda’ liked looking like a professional as opposed to actually behaving like one.

    So the company sends me and a co-worker down to Orlando for a few weeks. While we got our own rooms, we shared a car, which he rented. One day at the office I’m squatting down to pick up a print from the roll plotter when I hear (and feel) a most disconcerting rip. Totally blew out the seam in the back of my pants!

    So there I am. Out of town, no car, with an unfashionable open flap exposing my underdrawers for all to see. Not good, not good at all.

    As fortune would have it though, there was a mall about two blocks away. I wrapped my sports jacket around my waste (sans 1970’s high school preppy) and made my way to the mall. The only real department store in that mall was Dillard’s, a store that a cheap bastard such as myself would never buy anything from. But this was a desperate time, so I purchased the $80 dress pants.

    The next day I took them back and returned them, then took the money and went to Ross, where I purchased two pairs of pants and three shirts.

    And I switched to “business casual”.

  10. I think the most I spent was on a North Face coat. It was about $300 but it was well made and kept me super warm. It lasted a long time. It was still in good shape when I donated it but I just had enough of it after years of wearing it.

  11. The one article of clothing I spent the most on was my wedding dress, obviously. I paid $2000 for it, second hand on eBay – but to be fair, it was priced at 5x that, new. Was it stupid to pay so much? Of course. But I bought into that idea that I needed the perfect dress for this perfect day, blah, blah.

    Pre-kids (re: undergrad, part time job), I’d be inclined to spend a lot more money on clothes. JCrew was a go-to for everything – suits to everyday clothes. Also, I worked under The Limited brands, so I regularly spent WAY too much of each paycheck on clothes using my discount…so it felt better to be buying overpriced crap. Jeans are still one piece that I’m more willing to spend extra on, but I’d top out around $140 or so. Nice stuff costs, man.

  12. Missing the fashion/shopping gene. I am still wearing clothes from over 10 years ago when I left the professional workforce. Some items of clothing I’ve had for longer than I’ve known my husband of 13 years. I have no idea what is in fashion these days and if I have to buy something it will be something that I can wear from one year to the next and next (you know, the classic look). The most I’ve spent was about $130 (on sale) for a Dale of Norway sweater and $100 for a pair of leather Timberland boots (for volunteer work in emergency situations).

  13. There are more than 150 species of owls in the world, and some counts indicate more than 220 species depending on how different owls are classified. Only 19 owl species are found in North America.

    • Everybody knows that.

    • I keep my cat’s food in the refrigerator but I put it in the microwave for 9 seconds before giving it to the cat. By then it’s about the same temperature as a mouse. Owls like mice and so do cats. I’ve never bought expensive clothes for either one of those…then again, I’ve never kept an owl around. The cat doesn’t wear a collar. An owl flew into my windshield once (once is about all you get doing shit like that) and ever since I question if owls really are all that wise after all.

      • johnthebasket says

        Were wisdom the same as intelligence, Einstein probably would have worn socks.


        btw, I also nuke for 9, but just to take the chill off. I don’t know how long you’d have to heat to replicate mice. Mice have the same body temp as humans.

        • I have no way of knowing if your your 9 seconds brings the temperature up to the same level of my 9 seconds although you are assuming it does. I am fully aware of the body temperature of mice but thank you anyway for the unneeded information.

          • johnthebasket says

            No offense. I thought that info might be of mild interest to others. It just jingled my coincidence muscle that we both nuke for 9. I didn’t control for size of portion, plate material, percent of liquid in food, or wattage of microwave. And, to state the obvious, you knew the normal temperature of mice. I had to look it up.


          • Ditto dto! I don’t buy his BS either. He comes across sarcastic and dickish, and let’s his pathetic attempts at humor land on the shoulders of victims he thinks won’t stand up for themselves. Usually women.
            No offense? Really? What a joke.


            • johnthebasket says


              I can assure you that dto is a grizzled veteran and isn’t a woman. Stop stalking me, you crazy person. And fuck you.


              • Maybe you should read an article twice. You make a lot of presumptive statements. I never assumed dto was a woman. But I do assume he is capable of speaking for himself. But that’s your game isn’t it? Always ready to speak for someone else.
                I am hardly a stalker, just someone who sees through you, and isn’t afraid to tell you what I see. You don’t like it, your problem.
                Fuck me? You wish!
                No more for the attenyion whore,
                GFY (Go fuck yourself)

  14. I’m self employed and work from home, so I’m wearing “lounge pants” from Kohl’s ($6) and a t-shirt that was free from a company I deal with.

    I do have a pair of shoes I paid $1000 for, that was ~20 years ago and I still have them, so amortized that’s not too bad.

  15. 21 years ago: $200 for a pair of riding boots when I was really into the Equestrian stuff. Less than 3 months later, I got thrown while going over a jump and broke my shoulder. I went back to riding (I HAD to get back in the saddle) but my show days were over. I wore those boots maybe 6 times.

    When I was in my twenties, I spent money like a drunken sailor on clothes but that was when I thought I HAD to look fashionable (it was the 80s after all). I think when you’re young and stupid with shit for overhead, you do those kinds of things.

  16. I’m somewhere in the middle. I like certain clothes and buy items here and there, but I never spend more than $50 for things and that’s the extreme high end. At the other extreme, I darn my socks and make some of my clothes myself.

    The most I’ve ever spent was $180 on a pair of hiking boots, but I literally wear boots until the tread falls off so they should be good for a decade or so. The previous pair was a pair of REI house brands (on sale) for $40. Those suckers lasted 14 years and I hiked all of the time.

  17. I spent $450 on a smoking jacket one time, but that was when I was feeling special sporty.

    • Did you spend another $150 on the ascot?

      • johnthebasket says

        I believe the $150 was technically for the smoke.

        • Lori in Cbus says

          LOL how’s it going up there in God’s country jtb?

          • johnthebasket says


            We had the warmest summer in recorded history, which, in most places would be a horrible thing but, as you know, it’s a terrific thing in the Great Pacific Northwest. One day of rain between the 4th of July and Labor Day. Something like 20 days over 85 degrees. We’re all tan instead of the color of undercooked fish.

            On the economic front, not so good. The forest products industry continues in freefall. When I worked at Weyerhaeuser in the early 80s, there were 45,000 employees in North America. There are now fewer than 8,000 with more layoffs to come. The beautiful part of Western Washington that you come from is a sad place because of this.

            I know you’re not from Aberdeen/Hoquiam, but the conditions there are probably similar to that of your home town. You drive miles through these twin cities, and about half the houses are vacant and the other half look vacant. Nobody smiles except the town hooker, and I suspect her of faking it. If Kurt Cobain drove through his home town, he’d probably kill himself.

            On the bright side, there are still lots of trees and pretty clean water. The only temperate rain forest in the world is alive and well just north of where you grew up, and Mt. Rainier is still God. Lots of good hiking from the foggy Pacific shore to the snowy mountains.

            I haven’t yet seen a gay married couple walking down the street smoking a joint but it’s nice to know they could.

            On balance, there are worse places to be, and, just maybe, not many better. I suspect the state misses you. Thanks for the comment.


  18. Hey you guys, it’s not how much you spend to get clothes to put on, but how much you have to spend to get a woman to take hers off, amirite?!?! *crickets*

    I bought a couple suits about 5 years ago, they were probably $500 total. I only need them for the usual Christmas/Easter/Wedding/Funeral/Interview routine, and I expect they’ll last a long time. Daily office stuff is business casual, sale rack at the Gap.

  19. I had to Google Bobby Buntrock. So, there’s that.

    Also, I am totally with Jeff on this. I shop, almost exclusively, at JC Penny. Shirts are never more than $25 and jeans rarely over $30, sometimes $40. I, too, keep my shoe budget to under $50. I almost always find a pair of $100 shoes on clearance for around $50.

  20. Ruthless Dee says

    As a 12 with the Seahawks, more than I care to admit at the Team Store, praying all along that Kam Chancellor stays with us. The high heel platform shoes with the glitter logo is the most ridiculous; there is no appropriate place to wear these.

    • johnthebasket says

      Looks like a good year. I’ve been a fan since the days of Jack Patera and Chuck Knox. Actually, I’m a 13, since I refuse to raise my voice for people who make an order of magnitude more money than I do. Also, concerts in the 60s and 70s sent my inner ear to Outer Mongolia and my outer ear to some kind of Stratocaster Hell, so I prefer to go places where polite applause is as loud as it gets. Like Mariners games.


      • Ruthless Dee says

        I also go back to the beginning (Zorn to Largent!) and gained noise intolerance with too many live concerts which is a much better loss-cause than ear buds. I can’t even go to my husband’s gigs without custom ear plugs and a Hawks game requires much more than that. Honestly I enjoy viewing from my own venue with good food and beverages.

  21. johnthebasket says

    For over 25 years, I had jobs in which I wore a suit — maybe a sport coat and slacks on Fridays, but generally a suit. At first, I bought a couple of suits at the Men’s Whorehouse, but after 30 or 40 wearings, they began to fray at the cuffs and collars. In short order, it looked like small forest animals had been playing rugby on them. Sweet sainted mother of Hardrock Gunter.

    I did the math, and found that spending $700-$900 per suit on good suits, and rotating them carefully, was actually cheaper than the MW strategy over time. So that is, by far, the most I’ve spent on an article of clothing.

    I do spend money on shoes. I don’t have all that many pairs, but those I do have last a long time and have really good arch support and cushioning. I generally buy American-made New Balance.

    I haven’t worn a suit in several years, and I have lots of ties if anybody needs to borrow one. I have a half dozen Jerry Garcia ties, which now are mostly handy for tying off the arm in preparation for heroin injection. I’ve never used heroin, but I certainly don’t want the fuckers around my neck.


    • I got some Jimmy Valvano ties,if you wanna swap. I can do herion with yours and you can have the cancer. Oooooooo did I just really go there. 🙂

  22. If suits count, I’ve spent as much as $500 on one.
    The most I’ve spent on a single article of clothing was $295 on a London Fog overcoat back in the mid-90’s. I still wear it too, so I feel like I’m still getting my money’s worth out of it.

  23. Most expensive ever, $1200 on my wedding dress. As for everyday clothes, I spent $150 each in two pair of boots, which I don’t mind since women’s boots are hard to find for athletic legs. Wide column costs more.
    I have a couple of purses that are in the $200 range, no clothes even remotely that high. I’m a consignment and eBay shopper. I have expensive taste but I’m not rich. Rich people will sell brand new high end clothes cheap just because it’s not this years design. I buy second hand and save the money for stuff that actually matters.

  24. In the mid-90s I bought a North Face ski jacket (a “shell”) for $600. Nothing else even comes close.

    Nowadays I normally buy clothes at Costco, and Jeff’s numbers look about right. Everything I’m wearing right now came from Costco.

  25. Many moons ago I was going through one of my many “I’m going to give up smoking” phases, I had to walk A LOT to keep my head from exploding. There was a furrier on the ground floor of the building where I worked. Well, in the process of pacing one day, I went into this place and started trying on fur coats. Before I even knew what I was doing, I bought a $3000 full length mink coat. Let me point out that I live in the South and rarely does it even get cold enough to wear fur. But I had fun the first year I owned that coat; I wore it with my jeans mostly. I didn’t want anyone I worked with to know I had made such a foolish purchase, so I kept it under wraps and a few of my close friends at the office knew I had it. It was a beautiful coat and a very unique style. About 3 years later, one of the girls at the office wanted to know if I would sell her the coat. She offered to pay me what I originally paid for the coat and said she would not removed my embroidered name in the lining; said she would merely have a “patch” made with her name and sew it over my name. She said if I ever wanted the coat back, she would be glad to sell it back to me. Well, since I had worn the coat a total of mayby 15 times total, I jumped on it. Sherry still owns that coat and I have the $3000 back in my savings account.

    Other than that insane purchase, I always shopped Marshall’s and TJMaxx clearance racks. I am tight with my money. In fact, since I’ve retired, I don’t even shop for clothes anymore. I always wore tailored clothes, so my stuff never really went out of style. I could still wear things I bought 15 years ago if I had not reached a point of being so “fluffy” and that I can no longer get my fat ass in anything I wore back when I bought Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, Tahari, etc. (all bought at the above mentioned discount stores at bargain prices). Funny how you think differently about spending money when you are retired and not making big bucks!

    • Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen a furrier shop, in spite of a) having lived in a big city and b) being over 50. But it sounds like you scored!

      • Chill, a furrier is merely a pricey boutique that sells nothing but fur coats. And I bet good money I’m a lot older than you are. 🙂 When I bought my coat no one was protesting wearing fur. I’m a fossil.

        • I bought a mink in 81 for $4.500. I wore it three times, and it’s been in the back of my closet since. I despise the fur trade, but I can’t bring myself to throw it away and I’m too embarrassed to drag it out and sell it.
          I suppose when I’m dead and gone it will be discovered along with my giant black vibrator, midget porn and Tiny Tim albums.

          • Ruthless Dee says

            Mink coats make great teddy bears.

            • You know, that’s actually a great idea! My sister is a whiz on the sewing machine. I think I’ll see if she wants it to make bears for her kids. Thanks for the idea!

              • I’d like a ‘mink’ beer cozy. I think that would be neat. Amazon that kinda stuff and we can make millions. You bring the mink and I’ll bring the beer can. “High Brow Low Brow” will be our corporate name if you agree. After all…you’re the one wearing mink and I’m the with the beer.

                • If we’re heading in that direction, how about a mink car?

                  • Goddammit chill…an entire fucking car??!! I just asked for a beer cozy for christ sake. A simple goddamn beer cozy… and you want the lady do design a mink car cozy? What direction are we headed in? beer can cozy to car cozy right away? How about a mink covered back scratcher, Or perhaps a mink covered thimble. I’m not sure but I bet somewhere you can buy a mink steering wheel cover. Not my style. A mink beer cozy would do me just fine.

    • johnthebasket says

      Reefie . . .

      I have a similar problem with my pricy suits, but I passed any reasonable description of fluffy several kilos ago. But you didn’t finish the story. As a smoker, I need to know whether it worked so I can pack some food and drugs in my bindle and head off to find a furrier. I’m thinking of a sort of calf-length Keith Richards look, but slightly more dissolute. They make those coats in 3X, right?


      • Save yourself some money, John. It didn’t work. I’ve quite smoking dozens of times but have always gone back to the nasty habit. But, all in all, I still think your ideas of “style” are wonderful. Only bad thing is you have to be able to zig zag pretty quickly when running from people trying to throw paint on that fur coat and being somewhat fluffy cuts down on your speed when running, whether it be zig-zagging or in a straight line.

  26. Back when I was in advertising, had 3 or 4 suits that ranged between $800 – $1000. Nowadays for work, I dress in golf shirts and khakis.

  27. I have one reasonably nice $400 suit, which is for weddings and funerals. My employer has distributed polo shirts with the company logo; I may start wearing them again if I ever get a raise again.

  28. I spent $300 recently on a frock coat to participate in a festival and parade with my 8 year old. I’ve got two more behind her so it will work out to $100 per use.

    I’ve got some dress shoes made in England that I paid $140 for close to 20 years ago. I wore them 5 days a week for 10 years and they’re still in great shape. Replacements would cost over $500 now.

    I don’t know if his counts but I spent over $2000 on a drysuit for SCUBA diving.

  29. squawvalleyskip says

    My wife bought me a black sports coat/suit jacket thing that she says cost around $350. I wear it for weddings and funerals, always with my newest pair of blue jeans and either a white or dark green long sleeved t-shirt. That’s as good as it gets. I work in jeans aand denim shirts or t-shirts, and always have. i do have a pair of boots I paid about $250 for, they and another pair of cowboy boots I wear on my motorcycle have both been resoled at least 3 times each. I have a few pairs of Levis in the closet from my construction days, that I keep because i know in the near future I intend to lose about 4 inches off my waist size. they’ve been there for over ten years.These days it’s bib overalls or jeans from the discount stores. Luckily you don’t need anything special clothes wise to fly a paraglider, those suckers are expensive enough as it is.

  30. As an engineer, I’m as cheep as they come. I love quarter day at Goodwill. To spend more means I’ve lost a game of “find the deal.” And, I’ve found a lot of good quality clothing for a quarter.
    But, the one thing I won’t skimp on (especially since I now work in a former Soviet Union country where I have to walk a lot on horrible sidewalks and roads) is shoes. I’ll gladly pay $165 for a pair of Clark brand shoes – like Rockport, they’re well built and super comfortable. I consider them my tires and they’re the only thing between me and painful feet.

  31. I spent $400 on a pair of shoes once, but I kept them for about 12 years.

  32. aileen in jackson ms says

    In historic preservation you spend a lot of time doing fieldwork, which in my case mostly involves steaming hot courthouse cupolas, bug infested crawl spaces, and parts of towns other people are afraid to go into, so jeans, t-shirts, and closed-toe shoes are the uniform of choice.

    For my spare time I like to shop at Old Navy and White House/Black Market equally, so I guess it depends. As far as I can remember, I’ve never spent more than $150 on a single item of clothing, but I’m willing to pay more for something I know will last a long time. I paid $35 for a pair of DKNY tights in 1992 that I still wear, for example, while all my $10 pairs from Target came and went in a couple of years. In the long run it’s less expensive. And I learned my lesson on bras years ago – I have no problem paying $50 or more for quality undergarments.

    This is how I look at buildings, too.

  33. Great Googly Moogly says

    Generally I spend as little as possible on general use clothing. I don’t buy stuff with trendy names or things endorsed by someone. I will try to buy quality. I don’t have an issue with buying actual quality and spending for it.

    There are a few things I will spend what one might consider obscene amounts of money on. Quality footwear is one. Not jordan sneakers or “stylish” crap but high quality correctly fitted footwear, I would have no issue spending 600-700 dollars on custom made and fitted work boots that will last me 20 years or more. Likewise I wouldn’t have an issue spending money on high quality clothing from filson or something along those lines. But 20-40 bucks extra for a sweatshirt that has DG or Ralph Lauren or tommy hillfigger or whoever on it? Not gonna happen.

  34. I am currently very conservative with how much I spend for clothing, but the dress I wore to my son’s wedding cost $400 and it was over half-price on sale. That is the most I ever paid for any article of clothing or shoes.

  35. I spend $250 for my work boots but they last about three years versus $65 tenny shoes that I can wreck in a week.

    I bought a leather jacket once that was in the $250 range but I think that’s about it.

    I just finished building a house with a nice walk in closet in the master bedroom. To look in it you would wonder when I’m moving the rest of my ward robe in. Sadly the 5 t-shirts, 6 golf shirts and 3 dress shirts are about it. 2 pair of jeans and one pair of khaki’s. “What are you wearing Jake from State Farm?”

  36. My employer had specific requirements for clothing. About five years ago the administration wanted us to buy clothing from a place called Red the Uniform Tailor. At the time we received a yearly uniform allowance of about $900.00 a year so it wasn’t too bad.
    The uniform jacket was a Helly Hansen marvel that cost about $200.00. Uniform trousers were about $75.00 each. Shirts were around $60.00. The price for Gore Tex Rocky brand boots depended on seasonal sales, maybe $125.00 to $160.00 a pair. Leather gear and holsters could go about $75.00 to $100.00.
    None of it helped. I still looked like a big swollen blueberry.

  37. I just bought myself a $185 pair of bad-ass cowboy boots over the summer. I worked up a sweat just thinking about clicking the “buy” button on line. But I figured I wear boots year ’round so I’ll get my moneys worth. And, by the way, they’re fantastic!

    Since quitting my office job, there is no need for business casual clothes shopping/spending. But when I did, I went to Kohl’s and used a coopon once in the spring, and again in the fall. I absolutely hate clothes shopping! I sweat balls trying them on. It’s always 100 degrees in the dressing rooms. I have to take in 3 different sizes of everything as sizing in clothing is a complete mystery. And, of course, if I like something I’m trying on but doesn’t fit, they never have the size I need.

    • Shoes! I love shoes! I must admit to having no qualms about dropping $200-$400 (sometimes more) for Louboutins or Jimmy Choos. I see a sexy pair of strappy heels and my credit card his the counter before I can discuss the purchase with myself.
      The problem with this is having more shoes than functions to wear them to.
      The last charity event I attended included an auction to raise funds for a new wing on a medical facility. A woman came up to me and asked if I would like to donate my shoes for the auction. Wtf? I wrote a check for $300.
      Back up Bi-otch!


  38. Your price points are my price points. $10 per shoe max.

    Let’s go shopping together at the Marshalls sale rack. I wish the Outlets were still real outlets, where they got rid of great stuff for 1/10th of retail.

    • johnthebasket says

      I tried to go to one of those cul-de-sac mini-malls, but as I was approaching, I saw a sign that said “No Outlet”, so I just went home.

  39. Most of what I buy I get on sale or at designer thrift stores….I think the highest I’ve ever paid for one single item was for a purse, probably around 3 or 4 thousand. (But was originally 8 grand). But like in the article, I work in the fashion business in New York City, so for my job spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and accesories is almost expected of you. And to be honest, I spent very little in other areas of my life in order to afford this luxuries.