The First Post, Which Is A Continuation Of The Last


And this, my friends, is my decision: Β I’m shutting down the Surf Report, and moving my base of operations here. I know this might seem like a hasty decision, but it’s not. I’ve been thinking about it for a year. The old site was flawed at its inception, and worked for a while despite the problems. I want to give it one last shot, without all the handicaps.

Just last week I heard two different people say, on the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, something along the lines of “I didn’t want to wake up one day, realize I’m 50, and stuck in the same dead-end situation…” I’m 51, and on a goddamn treadmill.

I’ve been working on setting up this site for a few weeks. And it fixes a lot of the old problems. It’s not really about me, it’s a celebration of folks like us. Is that too presumptuous? If so, I apologize. But it’s going to be a place for people who have a few years under their belts, but still feel pretty much the same way they did when they were 18 or 25, or whatever.

We’ll tell stories, talk about beer and music, discuss the culture, bitch and complain, etc. To tell you the truth… it won’t be much different than the old site. It’ll just be framed a little better. And after the tone has been set — maybe in six months or so — I’d love to start featuring guest posts on the days my updates don’t appear.

My desire: to go back to those days when anything was possible. I’m going to focus on building a larger audience and having fun, which causes all the unexpected magic to happen. I’m excited to try to create something new, this time with someΒ added knowledge. I’ve continued to read and learn, and by this time have tried almost everything… I know what dead-ends to avoid, and how to stay focused on the important stuff.

And I desperately need a reboot, my friends. The rut is deep. There’s no way I could continue as I was. Heck, I wish we could do something even more dramatic, and sell our house and move to North Carolina or Georgia. We’re ready. But we have to wait until the younger boy is in college for that. In the meantime, this is about as major as I can manage: pulling the plug on a website that’s been a huge part of my life since late 2000. It makes my stomach churn, if you want to know the truth. But I think it’s the right way forward.

A big part of this new start is my vow to be a better host. I’ve let you guys down, again and again. I rarely answer email, don’t participate in the comments too much, and haven’t kept up with the Smoking Fish photos. Plus, I owe some of you t-shirts. I suck, and beat myself up daily because of it, believe me. I’m very sorry.

But those days are over. I’m going to publish a longish update every Monday and Thursday, and a super-secret Surf Report-style update every Friday. Only subscribers to the mailing list will know where to find it. So, if you’re not subscribed… you should do it today. The form is in the sidebar, under the heading “Take it to the Next Level!” It’s the same list as I was using at the Surf Report, so if you were subscribed there, you’re good.

And I’m not going to disappear like I’ve been doing lately. Monday, Thursday, and Friday are sacred. There will always be an update on those days, and they won’t be shitty ol’ 45-minute specials, either.

A couple of things: Facebook won’t let me change the name of the Surf Report fan page. So, I’ve created a new one, where I’ll continue posting ridiculous crap I find on the internet. Please like it, or follow it, or whatever the hell. Eventually, in a month or two, I’m going to delete the Surf Report fan page completely. Please join me at the new place.

I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m going to do the same with Google+. If you should give a crap, stay tuned. Nothing is changing with Twitter, things are going well there. And I don’t understand Pinterest, so let’s just forget about it at this point.

Also, if you want to create an avatar to go with your comments at this new site, you can do it here.

Finally, when I say the Surf Report was flawed, I’m only talking about behind-the-scenes stuff most of you don’t really even care about. I realize this. But I hope you understand my position. I need to shake things up, or the whole thing was going to die. You guys are great, and I continue to love a full 87% of you. I’m certainly not forgetting all the fun we’ve had. The West Virginia Surf Report is one of the best things that’s happened in my life.

And this isn’t the end. In fact, it’s the beginning. It’s exciting! Imagine the possibilities.

I’ll see you guys on Thursday.

Want more? You’re in luck! Sign up for the mailing list in the sidebar and gain access to a secret bonus update every Friday.


  1. I’m in. Not to sound like a stalker, but I will follow you anywhere.

    • Do you realize that you are the first to comment on the first installment of this new site?

      Well done!

  2. I’m in as well. This will work out just fine if I have anything to say about it. Which I don’t.

  3. I’m in too Jeff!

    In your closet posting from my phone.

  4. Been following you since 2002. New site is already added to Feedly. I don’t have the heart to remove thewvsr yet, though.

    Best of luck to you. Hopefully things start looking up soon for you.

  5. All in. The king is dead. Long live the king!

  6. johnthebasket says

    I showed up here a decade ago because I was looking for a surf camera to tell me whether I should pack up my stuff and head for the Washington Pacific coast. Instead I found important information about the surf of West Virginia. I stayed because I also found a blogger who could write like a motherfucker. That hasn’t changed, and, although we’re older and perhaps a little sadder, I’m here for the long haul and appreciate your sharing your thought process and pain with us. I wish you all the success in the world, all the laughs a crappy economy can produce, and the joy of a Butch Walker song forever in your heart. Godspeed.


  7. Thank you guys. I didn’t know how people would react. I appreciate it, sincerely.

  8. Minipeds in NOLA says

    Onward, brave writer!

  9. Stuart from Oz says

    With you all the way Jeff!

  10. Milo Bloom says

    I’ll follow you anywhere, and I DO mean to sound like a stalker.

  11. Swami Bologna says

    What the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

  12. Oh, I’m in my friend. I’m in like a splinter on the ass of the world’s greatest fence-sitter.

    Although if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, while you plan to dump the Surf Report (and it makes perfect sense) you might want to mirror those “how I found the WVSR”-type posts. Personally, it was the fast food reality vs. ad images – but you mentioned a few of the others that drove people to your site. I suspect they still will if you can somehow bring them along?

    • revashane says

      I was lead to the Surf Report to read about the beef-a-roni-shitting-incident. Fuck I laughed until I cried and told all my older friends about it. Even the most scattalogical uninclined friends found it funny. I knew I’d found something and stuck around. After reading a while I also discovered I might have known Jeff in another lifetime in Greensboro. I’m staying.

    • I think I’m going to keep the Surf Report where it is, at least for a while. Eventually I might redirect the homepage here, or change it to a landing page explaining what’s happened. In any case, I’m not taking it down anytime soon.

  13. Ooooh, I like the new background, it’s like a PF Chang’s menu. Fancy and shit πŸ™‚

  14. macfromtheshack says

    I’m in, never looked back from Alli side effects. Wait that doesn’t sound right for some reason?

    Keep um coming!!!

    • Alli and Beef-a-Roni were my entry points to Surf Reporting so many moons ago. It’s been the great ride of the ‘Net since then.

  15. Wisey in TTown says

    I found this site when I was looking for things to do in Myrtle Beach back in 2003 and have been loving being part of the following ever since.

  16. I’m in Jeff. Also, it was a perfect final post and a very nice first post. I’ve been reading since ‘Number of Fucks in Deadwood’ and I still eagerly await a daily update from you. We are all pulling for you.

  17. Of course I’m in, and will be. But not a fan of the gray background.

  18. Go for it! I’m on board! You’re the first thing I go to every day, as I have for years! I sure don’t want it to stop now!

  19. Dr. Buford says

    Shit yeah, brother! You ain’t gonna shake us that easily πŸ˜‰

  20. You have been making my day since 2003. Deadwood F^%*s , Lawn gargoyles, adds VS reality, explosive asses…You will always be the first site I go to when I log on.

  21. Further thoughts:
    I’m dying to read that damn book! Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not funny enough; if they don’t think so, they don’t understand what it is. There are any number of books which weren’t accepted by numerous publishers, which went on to prove them wrong. I was just reading about how Frank Herbert shopped Dune around for a long time and nobody would take it. It was finally first published by Chilton, of all people, whose main bread and butter was auto repair manuals.

    I wish you would just self-publish and charge a decent price for it, but what do I know?

    I’ve thought of the old site(s) as kind of a virtual bar, where the bartender would always have some great anecdotes and observations, and the patrons would follow suit with their own great stories of illicit Velveeta relations and what-not.

    • Thanks, Ed. I’m sure some version of the book will be self-published at some point. I want to focus on this new site for a while, but it’ll almost certainly happen in the future.

      • I hope the book is published in whichever way you prefer. Haven’t there been books that started as self-published and went on to be picked up by a traditional publisher?

        Also, just to clarify, by “decent price” I don’t mean too low.

  22. I’m definitely in, just as I have been since reading the Alli side effects piece back in ’07.

  23. If you decide to move, Nort Cackalacky is hiring all over the place. Red Hat just put a big building downtown. Would love to see ya here ya big lunk… Besides, we love to party here and the Tiny House (Tiff and Biff Spiffy’s place) seems to be the meet up place for every Surf Reporter sliding through. So come on down and kick yer shoes off and relax with a shot of bourbon and a belly full of laughs. Kenju will whip up her famous mac and cheese and Brenda Love has and Asian Chicken salad that is out of this world. Well, me and the rest of the gang here always have something hidden up our sleeves.

    • We seriously considered moving to Raleigh after WB shit me out. But we didn’t want to disrupt the kids’ lives. It was clearly a mistake.

      • I was a military brat so the disruption was not as painful. But, it is tough on them to have to readjust to new surroundings and new people. Whatever the path you take will always be a successful one. You have it in your DNA. That might be a good thing… πŸ™‚

  24. squawvalleyskip says

    I’ll be here for the long run. I was getting worried when nothing happened on the Surf Report after the depression issue. Glad to finally here from you, Jeff, even if it’s to here you say that a part of many of our lives for years is heading for the virtual graveyard. I have confidence that the new run will be everything the old years of The WVSR was to all of us who’ve followed you for all this time. And I’m looking forward to a return to the ridiculousness your loyal public has come to expect. Like a Phoenix, from the ashes comes greatness.

  25. You are the man that saved me money (and probably saved me from *severe* humiliation and the need to purchase new underwear) when I found your Alli post while researching the side effects, so of course I’m going to keep following you on this site. Plus, my friends think I’m some sort of comedic genius because I frequently use the word “Doucheketeer,” which I’m pretty sure was also one of your gems. Good luck with the new blog!

    • I had everyone in the nurses’ break room rolling when I said someone’s tuna lunch smelled like a vagina full if bad decisions. They thought I was a comedic genius, in reality I’m just a poacher. Sorry I’m not sorry. And I found the site via a link to the beef a roni post, and I’ve never looked back.

  26. Count me on the roll call!

  27. druglife says

    I’m with ya Jeff, i rarely comment or anything but i’m kinda sad been following thewvsr since like 2001. in fact everytime i got a new pc or OS whatever the wvsr was the first site added to my favorites. hope this new site works out would hate to see a disappear for good.

  28. With ya all the way…and as you have commented on my FB beer posts, you know that i am drinking now, love your stuff….and by that i mean your writing

  29. “Speak Your Mind”?, you can’t tell me what to do.


  30. Dogberryjr says

    Just when you think life is running low on surprises . . . Good luck with this, Jeff. I’ll hold the old WVSR t-shirts as a retirement investment.

  31. Kathleen Murphy says

    I love you like a drunk girl loves yelling she’s sober at 3 AM while lying on the floor of a Taco Bell! Good luck with the new blog – a new URL won’t deter all of us from following you πŸ™‚

  32. Kathleen says

    I love you like a drunk girl loves yelling she’s sober at 3 AM while lying on he floor of a Taco Bell. Good luck with the new blog- A new URL won’t deter us from following you πŸ™‚

  33. Skippy in WV says

    Im in Jeff, as soon as I stared reading this update I knew what would ultimately be said. Sad to hear is gone but atleast youre carrying on.

  34. Bookmarked!

  35. “I don’t currently have a P.O. Box, because I threw a hissy-fit in the post office and told everyone to ram it up their ass.”

    Ha! I remember that, that was funny!….for us.

  36. SaucyDeb says

    Right here with ya, Jeff…

  37. johnthebasket says

    I’ve never owned an avatar, and I’m not sure I do now. What do they eat? Who are their people? I suppose, like bloodstains after a boozy Saturday night, it’ll all come out in the wash.


  38. stratboy says

    I changed careers and moved cross country five years ago. Best move of my life. I’ll follow your virtual move, and wish you the best of luck in whatever new adventures y’all tackle in the real world.

    I want an insider/snarky memoir about the company that rhymes with Warner Bros.

    Can’t remember my intro to WVSR. It was at least eight years ago. Thanks for the yuks.

  39. As one of the 13% I support this decision. Reading the first last post I admit I was scared. Scared you were just walking away and we would all wonder. Wonder whatever became of you. But like the Johnny Fever in my heart you WKRP’d us and showed up in a different spot.
    Glad you are back. I’m on board.

  40. neilyoungfan says

    I’m in too, Jeff! I’ve been reading ever since I found you by accident…something to do with a neti pot? WTF?!?

  41. nurseratched says

    Whew, that 6 year catharsis might be at the turn. Well the kickstand is up and let’s go. I’m one of the very early sr’s, , have drank a few with JK and this good.

  42. Good luck with everything Jeff…….I’ll be following along!

  43. I’m still here El Guapo!

  44. Clueless says

    Grey is my favorite color. Thanks!

  45. You had me at hello!

  46. I’m in! Onward & Upward, Jeff. You’ve got this.

  47. I’m in, Jeff. Good luck on the new site.

  48. Big Bear in OH says

    Can’t get rid of me either…I’ll continue to lurk at this site, just like at the old one.

  49. I was told there would be punch … and cookies.

  50. You shouldn’t have worried Jeff, the Surf Reporters will follow you everywhere. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got lined up for the new site!

  51. Are the old archives moved over here, or will they be?

    • For right now I’m leaving the Surf Report where it is. I’ll make a decision about the archives someday in the murky future.

  52. I’m in. and I’ll continue to wear my surf report tshirts (now collector’s items) even after I get a new MATURITY one.

  53. Love the concept and I expect great things, here. And, we need an Andy update. How is the ol’ pooch doing?

    • Andy is doing well. He’s getting old — he’ll be 13 on July 1 — and doesn’t go up and down the stairs as fast as he used to. But he’s healthy, and still yells at the mailman every day.

  54. The Mole says

    I’m in. BUT, ( A big butt, snicker… ) a smiley face or a smoking fish? No contest, bring the fish over lose the smiley face!

  55. You are complicating my life. I shall endeavor to persevere….

  56. Erica in Charlotte says

    My man, I will follow you anywhere except that last stall in the men’s room, and that’s only because I’m confident that you’ll tell us how everything came out anyway.

    Congratulations on taking a step for yourself and doing what feels right to you. I hear you on the job changes and the endless waiting. Also the BS about not having a four-year degree, but 17 years of experience doesn’t count. I’m in the same boat. Unfortunately, computers can now filter us right out of the running for jobs because we didn’t select “Four-year degree” from the dropdown list.

    PS I am going to London with my family of four in August, and I have relied on your travel guide to inspire me along the way. Can’t wait, and I thank you for sharing your experiences (on that and everything else).


  57. Well, now I need to think up a new tagline when I add my 2 cents worth. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Surf Reporters obviously isn’t relevant anymore…

    • We won’t be ‘Surf Reporters’ anymore, bummer. I hope the new moniker is as exceptional.

  58. Sounds like a good plan! Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  59. I just want the bowl of corn back, but that’s a dead issue, I suppose.

    Best wishes for nothing but good news in this new turn of events!

  60. I am generally not a fan of things changing. If it helps you out – then I say it is a good thing.

  61. Dena Rivasduke says

    I am so in. I have followed you from the beginning

  62. Yup, I’m in too. A request though… please make sure the WVSR pages remain archived somewhere. Or at least the Beef and Macaroni story.

    • Lew in Bama says

      I’m thinking a book of Best Ofs is in order…a sort of “coffee table book” style compilation of all the posts now currently residing on the WVSR Best Of page.
      If not, I’d like to know when they will cease to be available so I can go in and save some of them. Doesn’t matter how many times I read the Alli or Beef macaroni stories, I laugh out loud at my desk and people think I’m starting to finally crack under the pressure.

  63. Bill in WV says

    Man, I’ve followed you, or you’ve followed me, since around 1968-69. Those years in ‘Nam together, uh, I mean, setting fire to haystacks in the Householder’s back yard and laughing our asses off, are too deep to give up. Good luck with this my friend, I know you’ll do a great job here!

    • This isn’t ‘Nam, Bill There are RULES.

      • johnthebasket says

        God damn you Walter! You fuckin’ asshole! Everything’s a fuckin’ travesty with you, man! And what was all that shit about Vietnam? What the FUCK, has anything got to do with Vietnam? What the fuck are you talking about?

  64. Lew in Bama says

    I’m in. Keep the funny coming.
    Looking forward to more tom-foolery and jack-assery in a new format. Plus, it’ll be nice to throw off the IT jack-wagons at work with a new address to try and block.
    If you decide to move and like guns…Remington is moving a sh*t-ton of their manufacturing here to Sweet Home Alabama…come on down and enjoy the heat.

  65. eeyoresmama says

    Good to see you back and kicking ass. Will follow whatever site you put up, your posts are the highlight of my days. You are very talented, a great writer, you have that warped sense of humor that brings out the best in all your followers. Keep it up, I think you will find most of us will be right here with you. And save the archives. If you feel you have to get rid of them, publish them first.

  66. Gordian Knott says

    Will the super-secret Surf Report-style update include status reports about N&N and the translucents? The original, first secret updates did, and they have a permanent home in my old email files. Here’s hoping that you can continue to deliver these reports–they’re side-splittingly funny and deserve to be on the new site.

  67. The old school readers need a Nancy update. Seriously, we’ll pay Toney to call her just to read the update.

  68. Michael Smith says

    Looking forward to the new venture. I was a long-time lurker at WVSR and loved it. I’m sure this new thing will be even better.

  69. Jazzbone Swirly says

    While I normally fear change; it sounds like you’ve got a good plan of action and are making changes for the right reasons. I’ve been reading your WVSR site for about 12 years now, and I am not about to stop now. Also, I look forward to reading your second book when you decide it’s time to self-publish.

  70. Dorothy B. Raught says

    jesus christ, i hope i’m in the 87%. i’ve been following you since my son turned me on to your site. i even followed across south america, and regularly blew lemonade thru my nose all over my computer. carry on, jeff we’ll follow you anywhere!

  71. Regardless of what you call the website Jeff – I will be there!

    You have more supporters than you think. I’m a long time reader (circa ’04) but don’t usually comment. Love the site(s) and all that you do!

    Looking forward to the next phase of the master plan! Best of luck!

  72. madz1962 says

    Jeff, we’re like a bad case of fleas you’re never going to shake off! I’m in. And ready for the next book. Let me go ahead and bookmark this page.

  73. Following you for years and looking forward to your continued success! I’m also insanely jealous that you have the courage to make a change where I can’t seem to do it! Love your sense of humor and what you do.

  74. I’m in the 13% aren’t I? Crap.

    The hell with it, I don’t care. I’ll switch my loyalties faster than a French border guard in 1939 and follow you here. You’re not going to get rid of me that easily.

    I have only one question about Maturity Sucks- Will there be t-shirts eventually? Put me down for one.

  75. junkfood says

    I’m definitely following Jeff’s gifts to the planet wherever they go.

    I haven’t read through the other responses, but I hope the WVSR archives will live forever. I dig in there on slow days at work and laugh and laugh.

  76. Uncle_Wedgie says

    100% in. Is it still OK to wear my THEwvsr tee shirts?

  77. I might be a bit younger, but I’m definitely gong to stay here. I’ve added the new site to the ol’ feed-reader.

    I guess this also means that I’m gonna have to speed up reading WSVR backlog posts- I think I’m to ’06…

  78. Jeremy Wiley says

    Are we still surf reporters?

    • Weren’t Karen, Cubby, Annette, Jimmie and Roy always a Mouseketter?…Like forever?

  79. Jeremy Wiley says

    Are we still surf reporters?

  80. I came across The WVSR about 10 years ago when I did an internet search for “funny websites” and instantly loved it. Came back every day since then. I actually have my smoking fish t-shirt on right now! I am a fan Jeff and I will continue to check in on this new site.

  81. As a loyal stalker, I’ll always be on your ass and will follow you to the ends of the earth. I look forward to anything you got for us, Buster. Please, please don’t ever do away with the WVSR archives. My best to you in any and every endeavor you choose! Oh, I’m still waiting on my t-shirt I ordered quite a while ago…had to add a little pressure here to your already growing pile. πŸ™‚

    I love you, man!

  82. Art in Texas says

    Jeff, I’ve been an avid reader and very occasional commenter ever since I saw a link on some other blog back in the early 2000’s. “The West Virginia Surf Report”, the name cracked me up, I clicked and have been here ever since. Good luck with your new ventures.

  83. The number of comments for this initial post speaks volumes about your popularity, Jeff. As a Non-Sucker (Blowhard??) who also eschews maturity, I look forward to the continuing hilarity. And here! here! to regular updates!!!

  84. I found the site when someone, I don’t remember who, sent me a link to an animation of a snowman becoming very aroused, would have been around 2000-2001, Been reading ever since.

    You really do need to bring the Smoking Fish along, that or I have to create another round of lies to explain this tattoo on my neck…

  85. Jerry in WV says

    I’m in. Same dance, different song. Good luck!

  86. Stephanie C says

    I’m in.

    Me and my missing gag reflex have been here almost since the beginning…

  87. Jeannette says

    I still don’t have any idea how I found you so many years ago. Yours was the blog I’d check religiously…somehow reeling me in with your completely hilarious writing, making me NEED to buy a couple Smoking Fish t-shirts and a book. While I do miss the days of you documenting the construction of the new Krispie Kreme in town, rest assured, you’ve got one more loyal fan here…ready to stalk you just to read whatever you write.
    I’ll raise a beer in honor of this next chapter in your career πŸ™‚ Cheers, man.

  88. Gonad the Bavarian says

    Hey the new site isn’t blocked by the firewall at work so I’m down with the change! Nice to see it on a big screen again instead of my phone.

  89. Congrats. Don’t forget to go back to the vintage site’s top 10 posts (fast food photos) and link prominently to this one. And find your top sites for referral traffic and ask them to change website address to this one. I know. You knew that.

  90. I’m in. Getting old sucks, so at least we’re all in this together.

  91. lakrfool says

    Mothers and then you can get a good time for me to hang on to your account and click the following week and I am a beautiful person who tagged with a little more than one year from original message to the Austin TX and the residual happiness it brings up to you by email or its attachments is legally privileged information and resources for planning your home address.

  92. lakrfool says

    (The previous post was written entirely with predictive text)

  93. Present.

    Was it just in my little part of the world, or did everyone have to say “present” during roll call? Then when we got older we could say “here” instead?

  94. Love ya Jeff…I’m in.

  95. Might as well give you my 2c over here as well.

    You do realize, no matter what the url is, your loyal readers are still going to be readers. And randomn drop ins will still happen. I don’t buy the fact that url was holding you back. Most people find the place through a referal or google anyway. And I think you’ll still need to spell out and roll your eyes who can’t spell maturity is for
    Whats going to happen with the mailing list?

  96. This is exciting! I wonder how long it will take for my t-shirt to become a rare and expensive collectable.

  97. 10+ year follower. You scared me with this post initially. I bring you up everyday looking for new posts. I’m now relieved. ONWARD JK. I’m all in

  98. I think I got to you via The Wal-Mart game. Several years ago, I joined a community band, and soon after, they stuck me with being president, which involved a crapload of work pro-bono. It took me 4 years (and a meltdown) to stick it on someone else, all while working 50 hours per week at my real job. So I know how it must be. I’m in.

  99. I’m in like Flynn. I’ve been following you since mid 2001; no need to stop now.

  100. valerie schmalerie says

    Well, I’m excited for you. I will miss the WVSR, but am looking forward to your new beginning. I have no problem admitting that I’ll stalk you and follow you wherever you go. And I mean that in the creepiest way possible.

    Please be sure to keep “buy Jeff a beer.” I owe you a few…

    • valerie schmalerie says

      Also, I’ve been mostly a lurker since around 2009. It made me both happy and guilty. Out of support, I promise to be a regular contributor to your comments section. I’ve even coined a new name to mark the occasion. Excited for what it to come!

  101. johnthebasket says


    Things as they were, were clearly unacceptable. Moving forward is always scary; our brains aren’t well-architected to gracefully embrace change, probably for good evolutionary reasons. And the only outcome I’ve experienced by going backward is severe tire damage.

    I’ve noticed the future is less daunting when I’m not alone. So let’s take on the fucker together. I’m all in.


  102. There needs to be a tee shirt with ‘the liars and backstabbers network’ on it, somehow.

    Anyone with skills to that regard?

  103. Michelle says

    Yeah, I can’t see that it matters one little bit what the site is called as long as there’s a site.

    I still recall finding TheWVSR because of the fast food ads vs. reality through a vegan forum. The vegan forum is long gone. Ha!

  104. pdparrot says

    I am in! Jeff, been following you since the gargoyle letters brought me to your site, maybe before, I’ve lost track. Always good times! Good times, indeed,

  105. All in? Hell yes. Where else would I get my regular fix of cynicism, skepticism and sarcasm.

  106. Bravo! Nicely done Mr. Kay!
    I dislike and even fear change, but have noticed that it is ofttimes necessary for the good of all.

  107. Jimmy Kuhn says

    I just spurted.

  108. Kevindust says

    Holy crap in a bundt pan…reporting for duty from Ottawa, Canada, eh!

    I’ve been a loyal follower and occasional commentor for over a decade and a change of address isn’t going to scare me away. Best of luck with this new venture Jeff, we’re all pulling for you!

  109. Mean Dr. Lily says

    Oh, Jeff. I could never leave you (even when you try to leave me).

    I’m in like a hymen.

  110. boattripper says

    Just glad to know my work network hasnt bloced this site!….(yet)

  111. I just ate a bean burrito from taco bell and feel fat and guilty. thought youd want to know.

  112. We lost T. Carry McApleass in the move, but that’s probably for the best. And my avatar now looks like I’m a homosexual man (does it not???) And that’s probably not for the best. But I’m excited. Nice choice on the URL name, by the way. I’m with you in this thing. Congratulations and Godspeed!

  113. As long as we’re requesting features, how about resurrecting the email “subscribe” thing? I liked getting emails with my fellow Reporters’ contributions.

  114. bikerchick says

    Well holy shitballs! No more black screen! I’m baaaack!!! This is fantastic, Jeff! I am all goose pimpley that I can read and participate again!!!

  115. Sweet sainted mother of Pete Pryzbylewski! Been reading for years, looking forward to many more. If your site was a TV show, it would have the coveted “save all episodes until I delete” designation on the DVR.

  116. my own family would move while i was at school and i always found them in a day or two. I will follow your writings on and on thanks jeff for the past laughs and all thats going to come now I here

  117. Mookie325 says

    All in Jeff! Can’t for the life of me recall how I stumbled upon the wvsr, but I’ve been hooked from day one. I rarely get through an update without laughing out loud, which at times gets me a few suspicious glances from those in the vicinity, but that’s all good too. Look forward to many more years here at the new site!

  118. Never posted before, but I’ve lurked for years. I was concerned when the last post was mid-May. I’m glad you are alive and I will continue to lurk. Excellent writing and humor and funny comments to boot. It’s a daily site visit for me.


  119. So glad to read you . . . I’m in. Need my dose of Jeff’s musings to make the days more bearable.

  120. Rachael Smith says

    Wow, I can’t keep up, so many comments to read! Thanks to Jeff I found the comments that were right in front of my face…now I’m hoping my avatar works…

  121. Rachael Smith says

    Yay! My avatar works! I thought smoking baby is a sweet tribute to smoking fish. The chicken is just for fun I suppose…

  122. Jeff, I will always follow you wherever you go. Whatever you do. Been with you for at least 10 years. Good luck I think everyone is behind you!

  123. Man, something about that last paragraph stuck with me–that’s ALL I’ve been doing for the past forever, waiting for a phone call to change my life (for better or worse.) I know every single psychiatrist, psychologist, or Dr. Phool-type tells us not to let others have our power, but come on. I can’t suddenly run up to a company and demand them to let me show them what a good employee I can be. (I can, but I don’t want to go to jail!)

    Anyhoo, I’ll be following this as well–I don’t know what started me reading (I’m thinking the fast food article), but I’ve loved it from the beginning. And so what if it’s about some “regular” guy? EVERYTHING’S about “regular” people, but some “regular” people are richer, and therefore better, than other “regular” people.

    Good luck! (Nah, I hate that term–that’s the same shit they use for your walking papers.)

  124. Lori in Cbus says

    Here I am!! Yay Jeff!! you sound so positive and’s great to hear.

  125. Dan Burkemper says

    Jeff, I can certainly relate to where you are almost all of the time. I have been reading WVSR since 2003 and I seriously do not think I have missed a post in that time. I have never been a frequent commenter, just because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hear what I think. That’s pretty funny for someone who has been a professional writer for 12 years now, but life and people are complicated. But in the same vein as your big move, I will also commit to being a more visible member of the cool community you have created. I have a feeling your new venture will be very rewarding and successful, as what you do deserves much more appreciation. Thank you for so many years of great writing, and here’s to many more. Dan Burkemper

  126. I’m in!!

  127. Roz Weber says

    Wonderful! I do want to pay a goodbye salute to the old name, though. I loved it, it always made me smile. Onward & forward!

  128. Will stick around. 53 myself – I think you are going to have ALOT to talk about that is relevant for our age group. LOL.

  129. Todd Krafft says

    All in since 05. “Maturity for Suckers” it is. You needed this—and maybe some of us did, too!
    Good things, Jeff Kay, good things

  130. I’m in too!

  131. I am in! Love the new name. It really says who we are. Maturity really is for suckers.

  132. I have been following for over a decade. Were ever you go I follow along because the silly is addictive.

  133. Rat Bastard says

    Haven’t checked in on the comment section for a while, Jeff, but here’s a raised glass of beer to onwards and upwards for you. May the goddamned wind be at your back!

  134. You’re the most internet famous person I don’t know. I’ve upset since you ditched the baby shit green and sold out and the whole thing went pop. Also, I feel like there used to be more porno. I’m sure that’s how I found this place. Something about wife swapping in a Walmart if I remember correctly.

  135. sunshine_in_va says

    Hello? Is this thing on?

  136. Sojourner Truthie says

    Whoa! I’ve been off grid for 2 weeks. But I’m on board. Good for you, Jeff! And here’s to a new adventure – cheers!

  137. Good for you, Jeff!

  138. My very first post, (Gulp)
    I’ve been a peeping Tom since ’09. Not unlike some others, I came upon the WSVR when looking for entertainment in Myrtle Beach. I have admired your writing style and have enjoyed stepping into your literary shoes and walking a few paces through your life. I had been afraid to comment, so as not to incur the wrath of of the floating grammar police. However, quite frankly I have reached that glorious point in my life when the “fuck-it” factor increases exponentially.
    Congratulations on your new-found maturity (wink) and much success as you endeavor to expand your horizons! Cheers!

  139. Hello?

  140. Scotty J in Funbar says

    I’m in Jeff!! Stop by the bowling alley if/when you visit the old home place and I’ll buy you a beer!