Caption Contest: 5 Wacked-Out Photos I Found On The Internet This Week







  1. Mike the ripper says

    I hate everyone too….

  2. That’s just a hot mess of weird sh*t I’m not quite sure how to absorb.

  3. The otter: “I shall plan my escape”.

  4. Fat guy: “How the hell am I going to breast feed now?”
    Otter: “Hell of drainage problem around here, this should fix it”
    Fish kid ” I’m gonna hug and squeeze and call him George”

  5. They told me I could shave my legs with this salmon but it doesn’t work…..

  6. Before Otter-Pops were conceived, Otter-Pipes were a terrible failure for otter marketing.

  7. Otter “I have no idea why that man with the funny mask is gasping and blowing all those bubbles”

    Fish Girl “I will revive you by slowly pouring this scalding cup of tea over your gills.”

    T Shirt lady “Mom?”

    Bed people “Epic Honeymoon fail”

  8. I have no comments other than aren’t otters awesome 🙂

  9. Otter: “I sprained my elbow.”

    Fat guy: I think he was a character in Total Recall.

  10. Julie Cole tries her best to understand the term, “Drinks like a fish.”

    Huntsville, Alabama…Otters are being trained in weightless condition to aid the International Space Station astronauts to do repairs on water recycling systems. NASA spokesperson Lori Duffers said their hopes are to have the otters be able to get to the, “Fucking impossible place to get your hand in to fix the fucking thing.”

    Extreme Lucid Dreaming team, James Folger and Susan Ellis, awoke to find they had ended up in downtown Bosnia instead of a bed and breakfast.

    Having been denied his request on several occasions, Clarence Randolph hopes to prove to the Saint Bernard parish in southeast Louisiana once and for all that, “Children are a part of me.”

    Former Walmart greeter Marjorie Sinclare celebrates her retirement and her first day of having a medical marijuana card.

  11. johnthebasket says

    Couple puts 500 quarters into Magic Fingers vibrating bed.

  12. johnthebasket says

    Fish discovers rare adolescent girl NOT holding a smartphone

  13. johnthebasket says

    U.S. Border Patrol raises retirement age

  14. Fat Dude: “Quaid start the reactor!”

  15. Get in my belly!