3-in-5 Americans Have Had Sex In A Car, And How Could It Not Be More??

steamyI mean, seriously. I’m far from a playa, but I’ve had many backseat “romances.” Between the ages of, say, 17 and 22… where else are you gonna do it? Your options are limited. Right?

But according to this poll, only about 60% of people claim to have had sex in a car. The writer of the article seems to be surprised the number is so high, and I’m surprised it’s so low. I would’ve guessed 90% would have answered YES. Maybe some people don’t like to admit it? Is there some kind of stigma attached to getting it on inside a Chevy Nova parked behind a KFC that I’m not aware of?

Anyway, what’s your thinking on this? Does the 60% number feel low to you, or high? Also, do you have any stories to share on the subject? I do.

Surprises on a country road

I grew up near Charleston, WV, which is… you know, a city of sorts. Many people think the entire state is rural, but it ain’t. My upbringing was strictly suburban.

However, you could drive ten or fifteen miles in any direction and you’d be out in the country. We used to grab 12 packs of beer and drive and drive and drive. Man, the shit you could see…

And during those misguided adventures, I somehow decided a certain road was perfect for parking. I don’t know why I believed it was better than any other country road, but it was a regular destination for a while.

I probably couldn’t find it today, but it was not far from Camp Virgil Tate, which is — ironically enough — where I attended “church camp” when I was a kid. I completed several successful missions there, but also ran into some trouble.

Once, my girlfriend and I were parked and a group of genuine hillbillies descended on my car. Thankfully we weren’t doing anything, ’cause God only knows what would’ve happened…

They were like something straight out of a movie. They were in overalls… a couple of them were wearing straw hats… And there were rifles, multiple rifles. Holy shitballs!

They wanted to know what the hell we were doing, and I began babbling like an idiot. Within seconds they realized we were just a couple of dumbass kids, and not up to anything malicious. They said something about gas wells, and that we needed to “git.” I didn’t need to be told twice, and we got.

Another time we were on that road, in a different spot, and my girlfriend suddenly screamed. Alarmed, I turned and there was a horse standing there — a big ol’ horse. While my brain processed this, he stuck his head inside the passenger side window, took a look around, and just casually wandered off. Wotta perv.

Driving home from the mall

This is pure insanity, and it’s the kind of thing that makes me to worry every time one of our kids leave the house. ‘Cause when you’re young, you can make some really stupid-ass decisions… At least I did.

I was driving home from the mall in Huntington one night with my girlfriend, and something must’ve been going on inside that car. I can’t remember what precipitated it, but I ended up pulling my vehicle onto the shoulder of the interstate, turning on the flashers, and having a “romance” right then and there.

We were on I-64! A few feet away from high-speed traffic!! Tractor trailers were barreling past at 80 mph. Man, you wanna talk about dumb…

But, the deed was done, and we continued with our travels. Hormones are an amazing thing.

Caught by the cops!

I’ve told this story more than once, but it’s a good one. We were parked in Dunbar, up in the woods behind a doctor’s office. And suddenly, without a hint of a warning, several flashlights were shining into my car from multiple directions.

What the?! We weren’t leading up to something, and we weren’t recently finished… we were DOING IT. It was emotional whiplash, the likes of which I’d never known.

And we nearly turned the car over, flailing and thrashing and trying to get covered up. I think she had the floor mat in front of her, and I was doing the best I could with a Madness cassette or whatever. Of course everything was deflating at a rapid pace… so it wasn’t all that difficult.

It was three or four Dunbar cops, all trying not to laugh. They asked for my ID, and I had to go hunting for my pants. One of them said, “Jeff Kay? Hey, are you John’s boy?” Then they were really snickering. Great!

The cop in charge passed me my underwear with a flashlight, and told us to get dressed. It was horrible. But they let us go with a lecture, and promised not to tell my dad. Yet, somehow he found out. Shocking, huh? He didn’t have much to say about it, though.

Following that deep-dish humiliation we went back to my girlfriend’s house, and just sat silently on the couch for a few moments, shell-shocked. Then we looked at each other, and started laughing. And we couldn’t stop for a long time.

There were other incidents, like the one in Charleston, SC I mentioned a few days ago. Also, there was a “romance” in the parking lot of the Charleston Civic Center, during a Moody Blues concert. The music was boring, so we adjusted our plan.

But it was all a long time ago. It’s a young person’s game, this backseat business.

Do you have any tales to tell on the subject? Are you in the 60%, or the 40? Please bring us up to date on this most pressing of issues.

And I’ll see you guys again next time.

Have a great day!

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  1. I never bopped in an automobile, not that I wouldn’t, the need has (unfortunately) never arisen.

  2. I think I did that once when I was 18. That is the only instance I can recall.

  3. Swami Bologna says

    Did a lot of “making out” in a car senior year of high school, but never “the deed.”

  4. Jazzbone Swirly says

    That depends on what you call sex. I’ve never had a car big enough to ‘perform’ inside of with my 6’2″ frame. I have gotten out of the vehicle numerous times to actualize after some in-car foreplay. A lesson for you young folks out there: It’s always a good idea to carry a blanket in the trunk (hatch, whatever) of you car. I cannot think of a single downside to having a blanket handy.

  5. Lew in Bama says

    I have had some indecent moments in a vehicle, but it’s not something I’m particularly proud of, so I’ll keep the details locked away in my shame vault.

  6. No shame; it’s just stuff kids do. Fortunately, I always drove boat-like Chryslers growing up (so my dad could work on them).

  7. I lost my virginity in a Fiat X-19.

    There is something thrilling about car sex. Will you get caught? Will the cops show up? Is my ass visible?

    I remember having some interesting foreplay in a car wash.

    Christ, is it getting warm in here?

  8. johnthebasket says

    1953 Ford station wagon, turquoise over white. Large car or small motel room? Depends.


  9. For the exact reason of “nowhere else to go”, yes. Hell yes. There aren’t too many open roads in my area, but we found one and frequented it pretty regularly. The road we chose was in open fields, so we would see if any cars were coming. Never did. Sometimes we even got dressed outside the car. Smoked a cigarette afterwards under the stars. Good times, man. There was the one time we did it in a neighborhood after a Halloween party. I have a feeling we were spotted that night by an older couple that parked their car next to ours…didn’t care then, care less now.

  10. Senor Kaboom says

    I think 60% is a low estimate. Back of a VW Rabbit my junior year in h.s. and then again when I was 23 in the UK, after nearly getting busted by the cops, my girlfriend and I did it in the back of a real Austin Mini. Not the ones they make now, a real one, like Mr. Bean’s. I had my own place, so the need for the car wasn’t there… it’s just that we had already been pulled over by the cops for going around roundabouts the wrong way and we narrowly averted getting busted for DUI. The thrill was on!

  11. WV.Hillbilly says

    I’m thankful the seats of my AMC Hornet were vinyl.
    I just hosed them off.

  12. Skippy in WV says

    I think the 60% is WAY low. I’d say 75%, if not more, of the people in my high school performed in a vehicle at one point in time or another. I’ve been know to perform in, on, in the bed of (a truck), and against vehicles of all sorts. I’m glad seats lay down in some of the smaller cars out there, it makes things easier.

  13. Westersteve says

    In my 75 vega GT it was a source of pride to have an ass print show up every time the windows fogged up.

  14. bikerchick says

    The last time I was a bit older and should have known better. In a tiny-ass car with a stick shift and parked on a hill behind a martini bar. I remember snow on the ground too. Yikes. Wotta fool I was.

    Do drive-in’s count? When I was in high school, my girlfriend and I went on a double date with two guys from a rival high school. I was in the front seat with mine; she had the back seat with hers. They did the dirty-dirty they whole time. That car was a’rockin! I’ll never forget this…..once we got home, at 2AM, she she wanted to call her date to ask him if he “finished” because she thought she was preggo. Thank God there was no answer!

  15. Mookie325 says

    Wow, had that one checked off the bucket list by 18 years old! And several more times over the next 15 years or so. First time was in a park next to the Passaic River in NJ. Just got finished and cops pulled up with the flashlight in window routine and suggested we leave. I said OK and they left while we put ourselves back together again. Unfortunately it was snowing and a few inches had accumulated since we got there and my chick-magnet Ford Pinto had a helluva time getting out of its tracks. Fortunately we made it out without having to call the cops back for a tow…….didn’t really need that level of humiliation.

  16. johnthebasket says

    I think this might be a little bit of a generational thing on two counts.

    First, the post-war cars I grew up with (say 1950-1970 models) were considerably roomier inside. They weren’t optimized or designed for gas mileage, and didn’t have a bunch of safety equipment (air bag containers, seat harness gear, padding) in the way. You could have played a pretty comfortable game of bridge in just about any American sedan of that vintage if that’s your idea of a good time.

    Second, population centers have changed. In the sixties and seventies, when a city dwindled away at its edges, the countryside began. Lots of open fields and forests that somebody owned, but it was rarely clear who; lots of platted land that hadn’t yet been developed, minutes away from the outskirts of the city. Now, the cities give way to suburbs which give way to more suburbs which lead to the next city or town. There are parks to be sure — just not as much plain vacant land.

    That’s my theory of why fewer people get laid in vehicles today than in the past. I probably ought to write it up for a journal of some kind, but I don’t think they have a Nobel Prize in this category.


    • Jazzbone Swirly says

      There’s definitely a geography journal article in there. Probably even a master thesis. You’ll probably want to cite Ralph Nader and Johann Heinrich von Thünen.

  17. I had lots of sex in cars. I’m shocked that it’s only 60%.

  18. Only once for me – in a 1967 Ford Falcon when I was in high school. JTB, I think you’re right about the size of cars. The Falcon was a “compact” by the standards of the day, but it would be borderline large today. As it turned out, there was enough room.

    And I do like a game of bridge.

    • johnthebasket says

      Yeah, there’s nothing like a jump-shift bid from the passenger seat — nothing like it.


  19. I think the number is low for people of our era. Kids today, though? A whole lot of them are having sex in their own homes, with parents aware, or selectively ignorant. I work with teen/young moms, and I’m amazed at what parents allow these days. I did plenty of heavy making out in the back of a Ford Fairmont, but never did the deed. I second the comment about cars today not being conducive to expressions of lust. Maybe you could pull it off in a suburban or Tahoe, but a civic? No way. I may be basing this on the fact that I never dated anyone under 6′ 3″.

    The night of the homecoming dance we went parking (as it was known) at the end of a road out in the middle of nowhere. The fancy dress was on its way off when headlights appeared. We hastily made an exit, and the car followed us all the way back to town. My boyfriend insisted it was my dad, but I didn’t agree. If it had been my dad, I’d have been enrolled in a girls boarding school the very next day. My dad had very strict ideas about how a lady should behave, and a semi formal dress unbuttoned to the waist and crinolines thrown in the front seat certainly wouldn’t have fit in his world view. After that we stuck to his grandfather’s cow pasture. Not terribly romantic, but safer since his grandfather was nearly deaf and usually went to bed around 7 pm.

  20. Lori in Cbus says

    i did the deed with some young airman in the wheel well of a B-29 at the Airpark next to the barracks at Lowry AFB summer of 87.. after dark of course..
    My first ex and I got married and drove across the US back to Washington state.. we were in a MR2 and stopped at a rest stop.. i guess it helps that i’m short but i think i still have the imprint of the stick shift on my ass. that was back in 88.. Man, those were the days..

    • johnthebasket says

      B-29? That’s an Old School bonk, Lori. A Superfortress screw in the wheel well of the aircraft that delivered the Big One. Both romantic and historic. Can’t hardly lose there.


    • MommyWoman says

      You’ve reminded me of probably my best vehicle bopping experience ever…

      I was 17, in the Army and at my first post, in Vicenza, Italy (yeah, boy did I get lucky). One very nice young man really pulled out all the stops and took me to a wonderful dinner in Verona, where he then took me to a beautiful castle that was supposedly the home of one Juliet of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet! On the (long) drive back to base, he pulled over to ‘enjoy the view’ which was pretty spectacular, one thing led to another and Italy was permanently etched into my memory!

      I do remember that the vehicle was a Ford, but totally unlike any Ford ever sold in the US, Apparently, Europeans hold the car manufacturers to much higher standards than they are held to here! That car was well-built, had a ‘nicely appointed interior’, was terrific on gas, and was roomy as hell! Best Ford experience ever.
      Sure, there were other car experiences, but none so romantic, sigh…

  21. Rachael Smith says

    Me, my husband, almost 4 yr old daughter, and my grandmother in law just went camping for one last month just outside of Vegas at Mt. Charleston. When the old/young people were asleep we got it on in the back seat of our Nissan Sentra! Lol! I’ve actually had more back seat “romance” as a “grownup” then I ever did as a teenager.
    Jeff, you are not too old for such nonsense…if I can do it at the ripe of 33, then you can still tap that ass at the age of ?? We r def not little sex rabbits anymore, we have preschooler that still will not allow us to use the damn toilet w out her big brown doe eyes staring us down!

    • We were married for over a decade before my munchkin finally appeared, and it certainly can cramp that aspect of marital life. I don’t want him witnessing something he’ll end up reliving on a therapist’s couch. Our family is crazy enough that therapy may be warranted, but I want it to be fun things that send him there, like “mom took all of dad’s clean clothes and threw them in the yard when he complained about how she put pants on a hanger” rather than “I can’t unsee it, and I’ll never have sex myself since I walked in on them when I was 5.”

  22. If I would have known I would answer this question someday, I would have kept track. Let’s just say too many times to count.

    One memorable time, future hubby and I were in the back seat of a station wagon going at it while his cousin did the driving. I kept catching the cousin’s eyes in the rear view mirror. I didn’t say anything because he was a 17 year old boy. I think it’s a law that they HAVE to look. Plus, the people passing us had a better view than he did.

    Another time, our washer broke and we went to the laundromat and there was nothing to do while we waited for the clothes to wash, so we went out and climbed in the back of our Blazer. There were people around, but the windows were tinted, so we went for it. Afterwards, we heard someone yell, “These old farts are f*ckin’ in the parking lot!” and then laughter. I was more irritated at being called old than I was at being caught.

    We are in our 50’s now and I have no interest in having sex in a vehicle, but that doesn’t stop hubby from trying…and not just in cars. He’d do it on the roof if he could get me to go up a ladder.

  23. Definitely 60% and the at least 3 girls involved I’m saying 60% is low.

  24. I got road head once, from the driver.

  25. Ron from PA says

    In a Limo, on the floor, with my ex coming back from an AC/DC concert. And nothing, I mean nothing, beats Road Head.

  26. Bill in WV says

    I think I just stumbled upon the Dr. Drew comments board. Would that make AC/DC the opening act and Road Head the “head”liner?

  27. Kevindust says

    1986 Mazda 323, check. 1985 Honda Prelude, check. 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S, check. 1992 Ford Ranger Sport, check. 1995 Ford Mustang GT, check. 1993 Ford Probe GT, check. 1998 Acura Integra GS-R, check. 2005 Ford Mustang GT, check. All with a manual transmission. You don’t need a big car, all you need is a will and a passenger seatback that folds down.

  28. I refuse to answer on the grounds that it would definitely incriminate me. Let’s just say the percentages are off my a wide margin – or lots of people are lying scum.

  29. BY

  30. Ozzie Bucco says

    Sixty-percent seems very low to me, judging from my own experience, and from the number of cars that would park near the town docks and pool. The police would sound their sirens at a predetermined point, allowing the participants to get their clothes back on.

    I never got caught, but my mother noticed someone with an undone belt buckle.

  31. Daddy’s 55 4dr Chevy was perfect if you got in the back seat. Like Jeff got caught buck nekkid by a cop shining his flashlight all over my future wife.

    Lots and lots of road head. Once from Ponte Vedra, Fl to Darlington, SC. Talk about stamina.

    I don’t know where kids are doing it these days so hard to question the 60%.