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Are All Five Of Your Senses Still Functioning Properly? A Few Are Letting Me Down

Confession: Whenever I need to quickly remember the five senses, I mentally tap into the XTC song above, and always recite them the way they do: see, hear, smell, touch, taste. Admittedly, it doesn’t happen very often: no more then three or four times per week. But whenever it does happen… XTC is my guide. […]

How Could A Small Three-Hour Adjustment Throw My Whole Life Into Disarray?

A couple of weeks ago, at work, I was summoned to a “go ahead and close the door behind you, Jeff” meeting. Those always make me nervous, of course. ‘Cause they’re never about some stoopid fire they want me to put out, it’s always serious business. “Close the door” is generally followed by something that […]