20 Ridiculous and Hilarious Bathroom Signs






















  1. Jazzbone Swirly says

    Somedays I just don’t feel as fresh as other days.

  2. At a bar in cincinnati (head first) it’s poles and holes.

  3. sunshine_in_va says

    I don’t think I get the distinction between the tilted beer bottle (with beer flowing out) and the one turned completely upside down. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    By the way, following up on my “fuck you” from the other day: the way I tell it is – “I’m not a doctor, but I did play one in my neighborhood when I was growing up.” Big laughs all around every time. Maybe it’s my friends that have the problem…….

  4. In the “Don’t put anything in the toilet unless you’ve eaten it first” the first thing on that list is X TOILET PAPER.

    Um, where do they put their used toilet paper??? That place must stink to high heavens.

    But I did like the artist’s rendition of the big steaming pile of crap complete with flies!

    • I knew a kid when I was 6 who would throw his to in the trash. I was confused.

      • Anold cab driver I knew did the same thing because he was too cheap to have his septic pumped out.

        But a public establishment? {{{full body shiver}}}

    • We had some guys go down to Mexico for work. There was a can next to the shitter for used toilet paper. They got used to shitting at the hotel in the morning or evening pretty quick.

    • sunshine_in_va says

      Yes – that ‘dairy-twist’ is just like the “Fez of Turds” Jeff used to always mention.

    • Probably some foreign country where toilet paper gets thrown into a basket next to the toilet becuase the system can’t handle anything but what you ate first.

  5. off topic but… I just got back from my annual physical and found out my insurance company no longer pays for EKGs and that if I wanted one, it would have cost me $90. WTF????

  6. The Qweezy Mark says

    McRib rollout NOT nationwide this year. Only select restaurants. FUCK!

    • sunshine_in_va says

      Dem fuckers did that last year too. Never did show up here in Northern Virginia.

      • Uncle_Wedgie says

        Effin Obama!

        • johnthebasket says

          Yep, Unk . . .

          They only have so many Ribs, so they’re allocating them only to the states that opted into Obamacare. It makes sense. At 500 calories and 26 grams of fat, you want a well-insured citizenry.


  7. Skippy in WV says

    Bill in WV tells a story about one of the Chinese restaurants in Charleston that had a sign either on the bathroom door or front door that said “no publi”. Not public, publi.

  8. My favorite sign was in a Scottish bathroom. “Please don’t put cigarette butts in urinal. It makes them soggy and hard to light.”

  9. The pie and packman makes me pause is it Piece of Pie = gals Pacman = guys…
    I like the rope one.

  10. Erin Spencer says

    Fuck this sites fucking pop-up (yea, I know it’s not opening another browser tab or window, but it hid the content before I finish reading it and annoys the ever living fuck out of me) – if I want to add your site to my list of places I want to browse or like on face I’ll fucking do it WITHOUT your goddamn pop-up 🙁

  11. Erin Spencer says

    lol – comment awaiting moderation 😛

  12. I have a photo of my favorite bathroom sign. It says, “This is your washroom. Please, don’t be weird in it.”

  13. I think the pie slice is the “hang down” and the pacman is the… where the pie slice fits back into

  14. Smell what I’m steppin’ in?